Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 15... Sorry it's been so long!

(Photo courtesy of BabyCenter)

Sorry it's been so long since my last post.  My mommy was REALLY tired for several weeks so we napped in all of her spare time.  She has a lot more energy now.  And my due date has changed since the last time we talked!  It is now February 22nd.  I'm now about 4" long and 2.5 oz.  I can move my arms and legs!  And if someone is turning the lights on or off I can tell, even though I can't open my eyes.  The midwife says I'm doing just perfect so Mommy is pretty proud.  My biggest sister Princess is excited for me to come.  She always wants to put her ear on Mommy's belly and says she can hear and feel me!  Naughty Girl still can't understand about me but I know she'll love me as much as I love her.  Oh and everyone gets to find out if I'm a boy or girl on Sept 30th!  Mommy's excited for that so she can start planning my room and such.  Princess is getting a new room so that will keep her busy until then.  I'll talk to you next week if not sooner!